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Thread: User Profiles missing

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    Default User Profiles missing

    I've just had to re-jig my drive letters due to a change in hard disks.

    I have Downloader pro set-up with a choice of 4 user profiles which the system prompts for on start up.

    As I had changed the drive letters, I opened DLP to edit the save path, but the Profiles did not appear. I checked in Regedit, and all 4 are still where they were previously, but the prog is not seeing them, nor is it letting me create new ones. I can save a ne profile, but again it is not seeing it when I re-open the prog.

    I've also tried a repair install with no success.

    Any suggestions as to whet to try next?

    I'm using win10 with all updates, and V 2.4 of DLP

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    It sounds as though it might be a problem with the Windows registry e.g. the permissions for registry key have changed to make them read only. Are you able to change other settings in Downloader Pro or to edit Downloader Pro's settings directly in the Windows registry?

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    Sorry for delay in response.

    Playing with permissions did nothing to help.

    So I exported the Registry File Settings, then re-imported them and all was well!. Just to be on the safe side, I then uninstalled the program, and re-installed the re-imported the reg file and all seems well.



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